A holistic Arts & Sciences Academy, creating a new breed of pet industry professionals.                                                                                                         #morethanahaircut

                                        Invest in an Education in Holistic Pet Care
Do you have an interest or passion for working with animals? You may find your perfect career match at The Whole Pet Grooming Academy. We offer many programs, including Holistic Pet Grooming both Canine and Feline, Pet Aesthetician, Pet Massage, Animal Communication and more!
Our unique holistic approach to pet grooming is only offered here. This makes it possible to get an extensive well-rounded education in the pet grooming and holistic adjunct therapies fields. If you’re already a pet grooming professional, you can learn how to expand your knowledge base by taking any of our mastery diploma programs or certified courses and seminars.  Whether you are new to the industry or are a seasoned pro, we have a course or diploma and a career for you!

Professional Online Diploma Programs
enroll in one course at a time, pay per course

Professional Animal Communicator: Starts Feb. 28th, 2022
Next class will start late summer of 2022

This program is designed to allow students to create a deeper connection with the animals, earn the skill sets required to communicate with animals. 4 month program of 6 courses total of 193 hours in a virtual classroom. 

Salon Esthetician: Open enrollment 
This program is designed for students who wish to further their knowledge in skin and coat for the everyday stylist or groomer and use this daily in their work. 
A total of 3 courses completed in 17 hours.

Master Pet Aesthetician: Open enrollment

This advanced degree covers basic sciences, vocabulary, advanced therapeutics and communication and research classes in order to  provide the student with an advanced, medical environment.                                                                     

Prerequisites: Complete Salon Pet Esthetician courses to enroll in the final course for Master Pet Aesthetician.                                                           
Master of Canine Science: Enrolling for May 18th 2022
This program will allow you to master cutting edge information about who and what the dog is, and create plans for managing the grooming experience based on the best scientific insights into the dog, its anatomy, its abilities, and its limitations in a virtual classroom. Class meets once a week for 3-4 hours on Wednesdays, time will be set with students for evening time. 
A total of 2 courses completed in 22 hours.  

Master Groomer Behavior Specialist:  Enrollment coming soon
This program will cover basic handling techniques, understanding canine behavior, training techniques, and behavior modification techniques.  Class meets once a week on Tuesday at 8:30 EST                                                                            A total of 4 courses completed in 32 hours in a virtual classroom.   

Professional Canine Massage Therapist:
A total of 4 courses completed over 73 hours in a virtual classroom.  

Master Holistic Feline Stylist:
The advanced degree will cover all the necessary sciences, vocabulary, therapeutics and ethical practices for the feline stylists.  This program is developed for any level of skilled groomer.  History, behavior, anatomy, zoonotics, safety and protocols, nutrition, products and sanitation and much more.                                                                                                 A total of 4 courses completed in 80 hours in a virtual classroom.  

Professional Animal Aromatherapist:
A total of 4 courses completed over 100 hours in a virtual classroom. 

Master of Holistic Arts: Open Enrollment 
This program will include a blend of Animal Communication, Aromatherapy, Massage, Behavior, Canine Science and Cosmetology as well as feline and canine grooming skills.
A total of 10 courses completed in 55 hours in a virtual classroom. and self guided courses. 

Professional In Person Pet Stylist
Diploma Programs       

Experience the Holistic & Compassionate Way of Grooming

Professional Pet Care Skin & Coat Specialist (stylist assistant)
Complete 5 to 6 core courses and electives in roughly 100 hours in person and online.

Professional Novice Stylist  
Complete 6 to 8 courses and electives in roughly 200 hours in person and online.
Professional Intermediate Stylist
Complete 8 to 10 courses and electives in roughly 300 hours in person and online.  
Professional Advanced Master Stylist
Complete 11+ courses and electives in roughly 400 hours in person and online..

Professional Online Continuing Education Certificate Courses &  Certificate Seminars             

Animal Communication for Groomers 4 hours - $240.00 each

Communicating With The Animal 

Self-Awareness of Your Energy          


Aromatherapy Course

Introduction to Essential Oils  4 hours $240.00

Behavior (Pet) For Groomers  

Behavior And How It Relates To Grooming  8 hours    $480.00


Canine Science for Groomers 

15 Coat Types  5 hours      $300.00



Pet Cosmetology Part 1 - 4 hours $250.00


Feline Courses Introduction to Holistic Feline Styling  4 hours $240.00

Feline Stylist Assistant 15 hours $900.00


Pet Massage Course

Introduction  to Pet Massage  4 hours  $240.00 


Pet Nutrition Course

Basics of Animal Nutrition 3 hours $180.00


Safety Courses

Personal Safety  4 hours $240.00

Topical Applications & Effects   4 hours     $250.00

Grime & Slime Over Time:  4.5 hours     $270.00

Best Salon Sanitation Practices

72 Certificte Seminars

Offered with Malissa Conti Diener, Michelle Knowles, Latifa Meena, 
Mindy Dinwiddie, Anjie Coates,   Bobbie Baugher and Dara Forleo