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Salon Pet Esthetician   

This Diploma Program consists of 3 courses totaling 17 hours.

Total tuition $1,050.00                                       

The Salon Pet Esthetician program is designed for students                                                                          who wish to further their knowledge in skin and coat for the                                                                      everyday stylist or groomer and use this daily in their work. 

Enroll Today Pay Only First Class Tuition Fee and One Time

Application Fee of $400.00



Master Pet Aesthetician   

This Diploma Program consists of 4 courses for a total of 27.5

Total tuition  $1,700.00                                                                                                                             

The Master Aesthetician is the completion of 4 levels of                                                                                cosmetology, designed to prepare the student for aesthetician work in a veterinary environment. This advanced degree covers basic sciences, vocabulary, advanced therapeutics and communication and research classes in order to provide the student for an advanced, medical environment.                       

All 4 levels must be completed.                                                                                                                          Cosmetology Part 1          4 hours    $250.00                                                                                                      Cosmetology Part 2          10 hours    $600.00                                                                                                    Therapeutics Esthetician  3 hours      $200.00                                                                                                    Pet Aesthetician               10.5 hours  $650.00


Master of Canine Science  24 Hours  $1,460.00

This program will allow you to master cutting edge information about who and what the dog is, and create plans for managing the grooming experience based on the best scientific insights into the dog, its anatomy, its abilities, and its limitations. 

Introductory to Canine Science     10 hours    $600.00

Intermediate Canine Science         4 hours     $250.00

Advanced Canine Science             4 hours     $250.00

Master of Canine Science              6 hours     $360.00


Master Groomer Behavior Specialist  32 Hours $1,920.00 

This program will cover basic handling techniques, understanding canine behavior, training techniques, and behavior modification techniques

Behavior And How If Relates to Grooming          8 hours $480.00                                                                 Basic Handling Skills                                            8 hours  $480.00                                                                   Adding Training to The Grooming Experience    8 hours $480.00                                                                  Advanced Training Techniques                            8 hours $480.00                                           

Master Holistic Feline Stylist total of 80 hours $4,800.00

The Master Holistic Feline Stylist is the first holistic feline program in the country.  The advanced degree will cover all the necessary sciences, vocabulary, therapeutics and ethical practices for the feline stylists.  This program is developed for any level of skilled groomer.  History, behavior, anatomy, zoonotics, safety and protocols, nutrition, products and sanitation and much more.  May be able to test out of some courses depending on experience.  

4 levels must be completed.

Feline Stylist Assistant     15 hours $900.00

Feline Stylist                     30 hours  $1,800.00

Advanced Feline Stylist   15 hours   $ 900.00

Master Feline Stylist         20 hours   $1,200.00


Professional Canine Massage Therapist total of 73 hours $4,380.00

Must complete all 4 levels of electives to receive a diploma, can not take courses out of sequence.   

Associate Practitioner        15 hours $900.00

Advanced Practitioner        25 hours $1,500.00

Professional Practitioner    18 hours $1,080.00

Master Practitioner             15 hours  $900.00    


Professional Animal Aromatherapist  total of 100 hours $6,000.00

Must complete all 4 levels to receive a diploma, can not take courses out of sequence.  

Novice Animal Aromatherapist             25 hours $1,500.00

Apprentice Animal Aromatherapist       25 hours $1,500.00

Professional Animal Aromatherapist    25 hours $1,500.00

Master Animal Aromatherapist             25 hours $1,500.00