Master Pet Aesthetician

Total of 27.5 hours  $1,700.00  Taught by Michelle Knowles ICMG                                                                              

The Master Aesthetician is the completion of 4 levels of cosmetology, designed to prepare the students for aesthetician work in a veterinary environment. This advanced degree covers basic sciences, vocabulary, advanced therapeutics and communication and research classes in order to  provide the student for an advanced, medical environment.  All 4 levels must be completed.                                        Pet Cosmetology Part 1    4 hours    $250.00                                                                                                    Pet Cosmetology Part 2   10 hours    $600.00                                                                                                  Therapeutics Esthetician    3 hours      $200.00                                                                                              Pet Aesthetician   10.5 hours  $650.00


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