"I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with animals. The personal growth I have experienced has allowed me to raise my vibrational awareness to a level that makes animal communication rewarding and natural. Anyone and everyone can and should do this."                   Becky E.-2019 AC Graduate

"At our dog and cat spa, we offer cage free, one-on-one grooming. When our groomers need additional instruction, or if I am looking to hire a new groomer, I always call Dara at The Whole Pet Grooming Academy.  Her curriculum and one-on-one, hand’s on training fits exactly with our business model."                   Kristi Andrews, Owner & President, The Barkery Inc. Tewksbury, MA 

"Dara is a phenomenal teacher and the salon is such a warm relaxing environment for both people and pets alike!! I would recommend her to anyone for grooming and even more so for her expertise as a pet stylist teacher. Thanks to Dara I now have a job as a pet stylist in a salon and am on my way to a bright future and fun career path!!"           Gabby P.-2016 Novice Graduate

"I wanted to reach out to provide a glowing testimonial for Dara Forleo’s Advanced Styling Program at The Whole Pet Grooming Academy. While I learned the basics at my previous school, Dara went the extra mile to break down the grooming process in simple, easy terms. This made learning Advanced Styling not only seamless but fun. I would recommend this and all of Dara’s programs to anyone who is a novice or even someone with experience in the field looking to enhance their skills."                      Cindy B.-2018 Advanced Graduate 

"It’s hard to overemphasize the value and knowledge I’ve learned in the Basic Animal Communication course. I started-in thinking only about talking with animals, and somewhere around week three began to realize that this was way more than animal communication. I am so thankful that I am taking all of the courses, this has been a brilliant beginning. Thank you, Latifa!" 

Jenny S.-2017 AC Graduate 

"I was a student at the Whole Pet Grooming Academy for three months. My experience there was spectacular. I learned more about dogs and grooming than I ever could have imagined. They are inspirational."                                Eilis C.-2015 Intermediate Graduate

Diandra Durant  Business Owner- 2019

"Beyond grateful for Dara’s grooming academy! I am a local grooming salon owner who recently hired one of her graduates. We had an emergency in the salon today when a small dog had complications from a pre-existing condition. My employee is certified in CPR because of the academy and was able to revive the little pup and keep her comfortable until the veterinarian arrived. I can’t recommend this academy/grooming salon more! Your dog is truly safe in their hands!"    Google Review