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Our mission at WPGA is to provide our students with safe, healthy, and educated avenues for their career path. We foster entrepreneurship, sound business foundations and building self-confidence to own, manage or be part of a team in the pet industry.  We take a holistic approach in all our courses teaching feline and canine stying, pet cosmetology, animal communication, animal behavior, canine science, aromatherapy and much more. Connect with a career specialist to start your new career today! 

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Gabby Martin- Graduate 2020

"I decided to enroll in The Whole Pet Grooming Academy and I haven’t looked back since! Grooming has always been something I’ve fought for because it never came easy to me, and as we all know some days are just tough, but my love for learning and my love for dogs and their well being has kept me in it!"

Becky E.- 

Animal Communication Graduate

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with animals. The personal growth I have experienced has allowed me to raise my vibrational awareness to a level that makes animal communication rewarding and natural. Anyone and everyone can and should do this."                   

Liz Leonard- Seminar Attendee


"One a scale of 1-10 my experience was a 20!! What a gift to be able to learn techniques of our craft ( and yes grooming is a craft) the correct way from top educators in the world. The best practices of how, & why of what we do is so important to our integrity as groomers, the profession, but most importantly to the pets in our lives.

Two tails up for The Whole Pet Academy."

Diandra Durant-  Business Owner

"Beyond grateful for Dara’s grooming academy! I am a local grooming salon owner who recently hired one of her graduates. We had an emergency in the salon today when a small dog had complications from a pre-existing condition. My employee is certified in CPR because of the academy and was able to revive the little pup and keep her comfortable until the veterinarian arrived. I can’t recommend this academy/grooming salon more! Your dog is truly safe in their hands!"   

 Kerri O'Leary-  Business Owner/Graduate 2022

"I can't recommend Chrissy and her Master Groomer Behavior Specialist class enough. I've taken levels 1 and 2 and the class has given me the knowledge and confidence needed to be successful in my fear-free house call grooming business. After listening to her podcast, Creating Great Grooming Dogs, I knew I wanted to learn more. It's been very beneficial to be able to talk to Chrissy in the class and ask questions about the dogs that I work with. Chrissy is extremely knowledgeable and her course material is backed by the most up to date science. Chrissy adds real life examples and humor which makes the class fun and engaging. She makes sure the class is accommodating to all types of learners. I'm seeing huge results with the dogs I groom after implementing what I have learned in her class. It's truly the best feeling when you know you're helping a dog have a lifetime of safe and stress free grooming. If you want to learn how to make grooming a better experience for both you and the dogs you work with, you need to take Chrissy's class!